Taste of forgotten traditions, with the benefit for your health

Black salt is a natural, environmentally friendly product,made of rye flour, according to an ancient recipe and the classic technology. Order now
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Black means pure

Black salt is the most mysterious product of Kyiv Rus cuisine.
In nature, black salt doesn’t exist, but people have come up how to do it themselves.
This salt was prepared from ancient times in Kyiv Rus in "Maundy Thursday"
before Easter, so it is sometimes called the Chetvergova salt.

According to an ancient recipe

This strange custom of making black salt from white, preserved in the north
of Kostroma region - where the old-timers still use black salt as food
and transmit classical cooking recipe from generation to generation.
This recipe was used in everyday life until now,
that´s how we prepare our black salt.

o prepare a black salt we mix in equal proportions rye flour and

white salt of coarser or fine grinding. The mixture we wrap in a linen cloth and scorch in a Russian wood burning stove during 8 hours, using exclusively dry birch wood.


For those who know the value of health

Black salt is a natural, environmentally friendly product without synthetic additives, rich of trace elements.
  • Black salt doesn't retain water in the body and relieves stress on the liver and digestive system as it contains ten times less metals, which lead to renal failure, liver and digestive tract.

    Carbon in the form of a finely porous carbon removes toxins, so black salt is useful to everyone, but especially for people suffering from high blood pressure, kidney disease, obesity, osteochondrosis, bowel diseases. Black salt helps to relieve constipation, eliminate the gas and increase appetite. Doctors recommend it for the prevention of mineral deficiencies.

    • If you mix 1 egg yolk, 1 tbsp. l. honey, 2 tbsp. l. flour and 1/2 teaspoon of black salt, you’ll get a mask with lifting effect, which smoothes and tightens skin.

    • A mixture of two parts: of honey and one part of black salt, is a wonderful tool of periodontal disease and bleeding gums.

    • A mixture of a tablespoon of thick cream and half of a teaspoon of salt gives you velvety and elastic skin.

    • A mixture of two parts: of honey and one part of black salt, is a wonderful tool of periodontal disease and bleeding gums.

  • The benefit of the using of black salt consists in a large number of trace elements beneficial to human body. The composition of black salt includes Calcium, which is required for bone and teeth. Here his content is higher than in the usual salts. Except Calcium in black salt are present such substance as Potassium, Magnesium and Carbon, which are also useful for human body.

Final touch to your dishes

Black salt is not only useful, it has its own
unique flavor and aroma. It’s perfect
combined with all your dishes.

Perfect for soups

Perfect for soups
Perfect for side dishes
Perfect for fried eggs
Perfect for salads
Perfect for fish
Perfect for chicken
Perfect for meat
Perfect for pastas
Recipes and customer reviews
  • When I was a child I loved to eat black bread, which was fried in butter and sprinkle with black salt.
  • I'm very fond of black salt. It looks nice in a salad. My daughter eats fried eggs exclusively with the black salt:)
  • Thank you very much, very useful and tasty thing! I recommend it to friends and colleagues.
  • Never heard before, I decided to try and it was a right decision. Delicious and beautiful.
  • Black salt diversify my meals, it seems all the same, but the taste changed for the better.
  • Due to health problems I had to eat food without salt, until I found out about the black salt. Now with health and nutrition everything is all right.
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